Services and Fees
Residential SFR - form 1004 (up to 2500 sq.ft.) add $25 for cost approach $350
Condominium/PUD - form 1073 (up to 2500 sq.ft.) $350
FHA Appraisal $400
Duplex, triplex & 4-Plex Appraisal respectively $600,$650 & $700
Form 2055 Limited Appraisal $250
Desk Review, Field Review         $175, $250
442/final inspection                                         $75        
2070 exterior, 2070 interior(marketabilty report) $150, $175
Operating Income Statement - form 216 $75
Rental Survey - form 1007 $75
*Note: Not all properties fit into guidelines above due to distance/location, excessive lot, improvement size, atypical/unique properties. These will be handled case by case fee quote
*Note: Appraisal fee is not contingent upon a particular value or on the loan funding. Once the property inspection is completed, if the appraisal is canceled, half the appraisal fee agreed upon will be due the appraiser.
*free comp sales check for described subject property *subject details required

This is just a small sample of the Appraisal services we can provide. Please contact us for further assistance.

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